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Compact First for Schools Work Book

Nhà xuất bản: Cambridge
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Loại sách: Tiếng Anh

Compact First for Schools Student's Pack 2015 cuốn sách dành cho kỳ thi Cambridge English: First (FCE) dành cho các trường học đã được sửa đổi từ năm 2015. 


A focused, 50-60 hour course for the revised Cambridge English: First (FCE) for Schools exam from 2015. The Student's Book features eight topic-based units to maximise the exam performance of school-age learners. The CD-ROM provides interactive grammar, vocabulary and exam skills tasks including listening and the Workbook provides further practice of language and vocabulary. The Audio for the Workbook is available online for download. Student's Book Audio is available separately. Two full practice tests are available online for teachers to access.

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