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A2 - Complete Key for Schools Teacher's Book

Nhà xuất bản: Cambridge
Tác giả: Emma Heyderman
Loại sách: Tiếng Anh

Complete Key for School là sự chuẩn bị chính thức cho kỳ thi Cambridge English: Key (KET) cho các trường học.

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Complete Key for Schools is official preparation for the Cambridge English: Key (KET) for Schools exam. It combines the very best in contemporary classroom practice with engaging topics aimed at younger students. The information, practice and advice contained in the course ensure that they are fully prepared for all parts of the test, with strategies and skills to maximise their score. This Teacher's Book contains detailed teacher's notes with advice on classroom procedure and extra teaching ideas, along with a full answer key for the Student's Book. It also includes extra photocopiable resources with progress tests and printable wordlists available online. There is a full practice test to give students exam experience.