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Speak Now 4 - Student's book

Nhà xuất bản: Oxford
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Loại sách: Tiếng Anh

 Speak Now  Bộ sách gồm 4 tập  phát triển kỹ năng giao tiếp của học sinh cả trong và ngoài lớp học.Các hoạt động video được tích hợp mỗi bốn bài học, cung cấp các mô hình ngôn ngữ thực tế cho sinh viên.

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Speak Now 4 SB Communicate with confidence

Four-level speaking course that helps students to communicate with confidence. 

Speak Now is the first conversation course with fully integrated video to help students develop communication skills.

Speak Now is a four-level speaking course which develops students' communication skills both in and out of the classroom.

Every activity in Speak Now includes a speaking component. Video activities are integrated every four lessons, providing real-life language models for students.

Speak Now can also be expanded into a four-skills course through extra activities available in the Workbook.

Encourage your students to improve their listening, speaking and pronunciation skills outside class with Speak Now Online Practice. The speak and record facility lets your students send you their speaking activities for grading and feedback. A range of interactive teacher tools allow you to track each individual students' progress, monitor their grades, and keep in touch with the