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Incredible English: 1: Class Book 2nd

Nhà xuất bản: Oxford
Tác giả: Sarah Phillips
Loại sách: Tiếng Anh

Walk into an Incredible English classroom and there is a buzz ... children acting out a story, using a Venn diagram or finishing a craft project confidently in English. The trusted methodology is based on things that children love, including:

A wide variety of fun activities that challenge children of all learning styles to think.
Learning other subjects and skills through English (CLIL - Content and Language Integrated Learning).

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Số lượng
Tên Nhà Cung CấpOxford University Press
Tác giảOxford University Press
NXBOxford University Press
Năm XB2012
Trọng lượng (gr)297
Kích thước27.5 x 22.1
Số trang96
Hình thứcBìa Mềm