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Little Friends Class Book

Nhà xuất bản: Oxford
Tác giả: Susan Iannuzzi
Loại sách: Tiếng Anh

We all know that kindergarten is such a key year - it shapes children's attitudes to learning and English for years to come. You are also teaching something incredibly important - reading. First Friends is here to help. The phonics progression is very important, and has been designed especially for children who do not use the Roman alphabet. The pacing and order of the letters has all been carefully researched.

The handy alphabet, at the top of every phonics page, highlights the letter you're studying so learners can see their progress, and all the letters are taught in upper and lower case. But that's not all - the catchy phonics chants, colourful Alphabet poster and interactive digital material make your lessons even more motivating and fun, ensuring happy learners. Parents will also appreciate the Audio CD with songs, chants, and stories to practise at home ... So, with a reliable structure, rich resources, and a successful methodology, First Friends is the ideal course for you. Try it, and you'll soon see why it's first for English and first for fun!

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Số lượng
Mã hàng9780194432221
Tên Nhà Cung CấpOxford University Press
Tác giảSusan Iannuzzi
Năm XB2010
Trọng lượng (gr)256
Kích thước27.9x22.1
Số trang72
Hình thứcBìa Mềm